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Flamenco Poetry

The Spanish poet Garcia Lorca was strongly influenced by the music and lyricism of the Andalucian Gypsies. One of their most beautiful forms was a song called a "saeta" or "sajeta", an word that means an arrow; it was designed to be both terse and poignant. The following is an attempt at a successful sajeta.


The rodeo grounds deserted
Hot sands volcanize rigorous thoughts
And turn them igneous
Fevered and molten
Hoofbeats on parched earth
Are substitutes of long vanished thunder
Sandfilled nostrils suffocate breath
Of pale blue horses
Hammered out on the blacksmith’s forge
My body is adamantine and obsidian
In the shadows made brittle by caustic sun
A flamenco guitar
Begins the solea
No blood red moisture redeems
Duneswept sheep corrals
Sand fills their eyes and stifles their sleep
Under burning ghat skies
The solea incriminates and blames
As midnight forges cautious allies
A moon as cool as water
Trickles stories into mouths parched by molten tears
To name their ghosts and recover lost dreams

Solemn words are departed from dessicated throats
Where only wind sweeps dunes to cover
Dead bones of coyotes who howled too long at aeolian blasts
As it stripped
Life away
Clutched tight to its air
Left arid moments hanging in dying cyclonic silence
As the solea’s breath mingled with dunes across the wastelands
It wept waterless tears
Through this penetrant wind
Wailing wild knowledge as it tore flesh from bone
Bone from blood
Blood from body
Body from breath
And breath from death
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