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Flamenca Dura

Dark Andalusian eyes are two cups of Mateus
And soft skin the blood of roses
And illusioned eyes weep the reflection of dawn
Hair insinuating charcoal vapor and flame
Eyes have seen the ocean
Sipped the dew of roses before the dawn could sneak in
Solitary guitar
Begins solea as dancers take their poses
Dark Andalusian eyes sing a lyric that drowns
In the cold ocean spray
Of that yesterday beach
And illusioned eyes black obsidian green jade
Warm waving watered silk
Eyes are cantina lamps
Tormented by the wind
Clouds of charcoal and flame part as she combs her hair
Guitar incriminates
Midnight forges caution
Moon as cool as Mateus trickles songs into mouths
Parched by tears hoarse from blame
Dark Andalusian eyes are two wrestling lovers
Sweating their whispered truth
Hinted at in two tears
And illusioned eyes watch the zapateado
As guitars sense the dawn
That must murder their notes
Eyes wave across the room
The final fandango dies away on the dawn
As the solea’s breath
Mingles with dunes and waves
Dark Andalusian eyes
Hair of charcoal and flame
Pillowed against the dawn
And illusioned eyes fail mute as the gypsies
Go home to their cliffside caves
Eyes are two cups of wine
Dark and illusioned eyes empty of dance and song
The charcoal and flame
Gray vapor with roses
Waved on penitent wind
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